From unique of Bali to wonderful of Indonesia


Rock Climbing



Real rock climbing in Bali or East Jawa, Sport or Big Wall?


Just let you know that in Bali we have real rock located in Kintamani at 10 m to 20 m tall with various routes from beginner to intermediate sport climbing and Labuan Sait beach at 10 m tall sport climbing...




To the top of Balinese Sacred Mountain and East Jawa sacred Mountain

From Batur Mountain to Ijen and then going to Bromo Mountain, All of them are beautiful!

Welcome to Adventure


Light Adventure


Riding motor on Bromo sands and enjoying spectacular view 


How you can compare riding free and almost no limit free enjoying view with various motor trail..


Photography by photographer profesional

There is thousand photographer but only few who can delivered quality and can do almost all in different environment..

Fun Rafting !

Starting from 760 meter above sea level and finish at 320 meter above sea level..


people still wondering but you travelling